If feeding NUTROTM for the first time or changing your cat food, we suggest mixing increasing amounts of the new formula with your old cat food for six days.

Six-Day Transition


Why do we recommend this transition? Your cat’s digestive system might be sensitive to dietary change. This transition period allows their system to adjust to the highly digestible and healthy NUTROTM Cat Food. A six-day transition will help reduce the chances of your cat experiencing dietary upsets that can sometimes accompany sudden changes in diet.

For Cats With Sensitive Systems

Some cats are particularly sensitive to changes in diet. For these cats, it is recommended to increase the transition period to 14 days. Additionally, some changes in diet are bigger changes than others and can benefit from a longer transition. These bigger changes might include switching between wet and dry formulas, switching life stages or transitioning onto an indoor or tailored-solutions formula. To use a longer transition, follow the blending chart below.

14-Day Transition

Time Period Amount of NUTROTM Cat Food Amount of Old Cat Food
For Two Days 10% 90%
For Two Days 25% 75%
For Two Days 40% 60%
For Two Days 50% 50%
For Two Days 60% 40%
For Two Days 75% 25%
For Two Days 90% 10%
For Two Days 100% --%
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